Four Tax Scams You Should Know About

ScamsScammers are everywhere these days trying to take away the hard-earned money of honest people. This year know what to look out for by reading these 2015 tax scams to be aware of.

Phone Scams

The IRS is not going to call you on the phone and threaten you in an aggressive manner. If you receive one of these calls, hang up and report them to the IRS immediately. The caller may threaten to have your license revoked, have you arrested or even deported. Do not feed in and give them your financial information because if you do you will have a hard time getting your funds back.

Email Scams

The IRS is not going to email you about your bill or refund. Do not click on the links in these emails because they could direct you to a site that steals your personal information. Instead, delete the email immediately and change your email password for extra security.

Identity Theft

Never give out your personal information over the phone to anyone. Once someone has your social security number, it makes it easy for him or her to file a fraudulent tax return and steal your refund. While eventually you will get your refund, it will be significantly delayed and other financial crises could occur because of having your identity stolen.

Return Preparer Fraud

When having someone file your taxes, do not try to take the cheap route. Go to a professional and established business so you don’t find yourself in trouble with the IRS and the preparer nowhere to be found.

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