How Much Should You Pay For a CPA?

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Paying Your CPA

Finding a CPA is one challenge, determining how much you should pay for a CPA is an entirely different story. Paying for a CPA is an issue which can only be settled by considering several variables; here are a few of the most important things you need to think about:

Hourly Rate

The hourly rate of an accountant could range from less than $100 per hour to more than $500 an hour. Sometimes hourly rates can be good, especially when the prices are significantly lower than other CPAs in the market. Beware that just because a CPA charges lower wages doesn’t necessarily mean better services. In fact, higher wages don’t necessarily equate to better services, and that’s why it’s important that you focus less on the cost and more on the service that is being offered.

Proposal Based

Many accountants are kind enough to offer their clients an estimate of what their total cost could be before even doing any services at all. This often helps many businesses because instead of clients being blindsided by fees they weren’t expecting they begin their relationships with their CPAs with a sense of how much they will incur.

Fixed-Fee Structure

For several tasks that are ongoing, such as balancing books, payroll or posting transactions, many CPAs offer their services on a fixed fee structure. Instead of having to pay a large amount of money for these services at one time, you as the business owner are given an opportunity to pay a monthly fee in order to ensure your bookkeeping is properly maintained.

What payment structures have worked for you? Which way do you prefer? Leave your comments below.

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