Five Tips to Help Organize Your Accounting Process

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Organizing Your Accounting Process

Getting your accounting processes in order can be stressful, especially if you’re not a trained accounting professional. Here are five tips to get your accounting process in order.

Divide Your Business and Personal Expenses

Having your business and personal expenses split into separate accounts will not only prevent you from getting confused, it will also bring clarity on when you may or may not have the necessary funds to be able to spend. This also will help you remain protected during tax time so that you are not penalized for things you may do in your business.

Schedule Time to Keep Your Bookkeeping in Order

Block out time in your schedule to make sure you’re bookkeeping is consistently in order. This means making sure that you keep all your documentation in order. Once you have scheduled this time, make sure you check in weekly and consistently to make sure you maintain the order.

Keep Track of Your Invoices

One common misconception is that just because you send out an invoice you automatically get paid. In reality, this is not necessarily true. Sometimes, you will send out 10 invoices and all 10 of them go unpaid. Because of this, it’s important that you and your CPA keep track of your invoices and ensure that you’re not only getting paid but getting paid on time.

Watch Your Labor Costs

Paying yourself and paying your employees are probably going to be your two largest expenses. Keeping track of labor costs will ensure that you’re compensated fairly and that your employees aren’t being overpaid.

Record Your Deposits

Loans, sales and cash transactions can easily slip past your record books. This is why it’s important for you to have conversations with your accountant about the best ways you can record and keep track of your deposits.

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