How to Hire an Accountant for Your Freelance Business

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Hiring an accountant for any business can be challenging, but it is especially challenging for those who run freelance businesses. Here are a few tips on how to hire an accountant for your freelance business:

Check for Previous Work with Freelance Clients

When hiring an accountant, the first thing you will want to do is to check and make sure your accountant has experience with other freelance clients. Because the freelance business is so different from other business models, it’s important that your accountant have enough knowledge of the industry to be able to help you effectively.

Knowledge of Freelance Laws

Does your potential accountant know freelance laws? There are several laws out there that regulate taxes and expenses, and in order for your accountant to be able to effectively help you, they should know the freelance laws to ensure your protection as a freelancer.

Affordable Rates

While most people rave about being a freelancer, it’s not always as glamorous as you may think. In fact, many freelancers literally live paycheck to paycheck. Because of this, you may not be able to afford to spend a lot of money on an accountant. Before hiring an accountant, make sure you discuss with them how much money you have for your budget and be certain that their rate is affordable for you.

Check Their Software

Are you a QuickBooks kind of guy or girl? Or are you more familiar with just a typical excel spreadsheet? Whatever the case may be, make sure your accountant is using software that you can easily navigate through.

Identify Their On-boarding Process

Every accountant should have an on-boarding process for their new clients, especially freelancers who don’t understand why they should hire an accountant to begin with. Making sure your accountant has an on-boarding process not only ensures that you have a great accountant but it also shows that they have proper levels of organizational ability.

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Why Freelancers Should Hire CPA

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Freelancers & CPAs

Freelancers (or “independent contractors” as they are also referred to) are involved in practically every business in one capacity or another. A freelancer is an employee who you contract with but is considered self-employed from a tax standpoint and who has the ability to take on multiple clients at any time at any rate they choose.

While these workers are self-employed and are technically their own “bosses,” it is still vital that these employees take their accounting responsibilities seriously. At the end of each year, freelancers are tasked with filing their own taxes, and if they’re not careful it could be easy for any freelancer to slip up and end up owing way too much money than they had anticipated.

A good CPA will not only help a freelancer file their taxes but will also keep an eye on their income throughout the year and help them accomplish their financial goals; he or she will also hold them accountable when they are coming close to the red.

So why hire a CPA as a freelancer? The answer is simple. So you don’t have to stress about money issues you don’t even know you have. Many freelancers ― even full time employees ― don’t often worry about their finances until red flags appear, and at that point it is usually too late. Hiring a CPA will help you identify problems before they become problems and will also help you fix issues before it is too late to recover.

While being your own boss can be exciting, keep in mind that as a freelancer you’re only as successful as the people you are willing to put on your team.

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