Tax Calculators, Forms & Books

Huddleston Tax CPAs has assembled years of knowledge and experience into an informative resource for tax and accounting information to help our current and potential clients gain as much information about their business’s finances as we can provide. The resources we offer include the following:

  • Internet Links – Why spend hours searching the Internet for tax and employment forms and information? We provide access to new employee forms, consumer advice, educational links and much, much more.
  • Financial Calculators – Get your financial questions answered quickly with the financial calculators. From business planning to retirement, find the right financial calculator for your situation here.
  • Recommended Books – Education is your greatest asset. Our book list is a must-read for learning more about tax issues.
  • Client Portal–This will help you stay organized. Designed specifically for clients of Huddleston Tax CPAs, the Client Portal provides access to our tax organizer, document manager and many of the other great Huddleston services.
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Huddleston Tax CPAs proudly serves the greater Seattle area including Redmond, Bellevue and Kirkland. For more information about our services or to hire us, give us a call at (425) 577-7422!

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